Somebody, please sedate me

Amanda Chung/Staff
Amanda Chung/Staff

One of us at the Clog recently had the fortune of getting up close and personal with the wonders of nature when tent camping in the Sierra Nevada for a week. The time spent there was filled with family and void of technology. We thought many of you might have been in a similar situation this summer, so here are some thoughts you may have had while camping with your family and without your phone:

  1. Somebody, please sedate me.
  2. How many times is my mom going to ask if I reapplied my sunscreen?
  3. I can’t tell if I’ve gotten more tan or if that’s just a layer of dirt.
  4. Going to bed before 10 p.m. is amazing, and I plan on turning my new and improved sleep schedule into a lifestyle.
  5. Why is throwing things into the fire and watching them burn so mesmerizing? I’m either a 10-year-old boy or a closet pyromaniac.
  6. The $23 that it costs to stay in this campsite every night is so much cheaper than Berkeley rent would be if I lived here for a whole month.
  7. My sister looks absolutely ridiculous right now, and I’m unable to Snapchat it for my adoring fans. A true modern day tragedy.
  8. Maybe if I just ignore the fact that some people are interning for senators while I play with this ant hill I’ll feel less anxious.
  9. Honestly, tent living is lit, and we should all drop out of school right now to live this life and be one with the dirt.
  10. I’m 100 percent sure my dad loves his truck more than he loves me.
  11. I’m currently out of breath after sneezing. That means I’m either extremely out of shape, or severely affected by elevation. Probably 50/50. Maybe more like 70/30 actually.
  12. A 12-mile hike is approximately 11.89 miles too long.
  13. I like trees so much more than people today.
  14. I actually think I like trees more than people on most days.
  15. Current responsibilities: -5, Current joy: 1294. Units undetermined.
  16. Sleeping in a hammock is exactly 147 times more wonderful than sleeping in a wooden desk chair in Main Stacks.
  17. My sister is wearing five shirts, three pants and two pairs of socks because she’s worried it’ll be cold tonight. She can bend neither her knees nor her elbows. We’re not related.
  18. Update on the sunscreen application inquiry situation: 12. My mother is going to ask me about UV protection 12 times today.

We hope you still managed to have a swell time with your family and without your devices.

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