The She’s represent local talent with warm, original set

Sunday | Panhandle Stage

Olivia Jerram /Staff

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There’s a very distinct young female rock sound: it’s a little bit echoey — tingly with cymbals and pronounced vocal harmonies — coupled with a heavy drum line and a performative eagerness. Even between groups whose particular brand of pop rock is different, the identical ages and genders of the bands’ members lend them a sonic similarity.

The She’s — made up of 22-year-olds: vocalist and guitarist Hannah Valente, guitarist Eva Treadway, bassist Samantha Perez and drummer Sinclair Riley — very much fit this sound. But that’s not to say the content of the band’s set was uninspired — not only was the group’s music original, but The She’s played through its brief discography with endearing enthusiasm and pride.

At first hesitant, the band members stepped up to face the small crowd gathered in front of the Panhandle stage. But despite their initial nerves, within a few songs they had warmed up and were giggling and joking with the lively crowd. “I met Dean from ‘The Bachelorette’ yesterday. He said he’d come. Dean, are you here?” Treadway commented.

Shuffling through its short set, the band only encountered a few small bumps, at one point stopping and restarting a tune, inquiring humorously of the audience, “Wait, how does this one go?”

The She’s played a consistent style of low-key surf rock with a cool confidence to match — Treadway sporting a backward baseball cap, Perez in long pink pants and Valente in red cat eye sunglasses.

It isn’t easy to approach a festival as big and daunting as Outside Lands, but The She’s tamed it and cut it down to size, to the well voiced approval of the crowd, proving that the band’s sound and style can hold their own.


Olivia Jerram/Staff

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