Man arrested near Downtown Berkeley Peet’s Coffee & Tea after alleged assaults

Daniel Kim/File

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Berkeley Police Department arrested a man on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon Saturday night in Downtown Berkeley, according to Watch Commander Lt. Joe Okies.

BPD officers responded to calls of a man trying to break the window of Peet’s Coffee & Tea on Shattuck Avenue, near Kittredge Street, with an object about 8:40 p.m. Saturday, Okies said. When individuals confronted the suspect and tried to get him to stop attacking the window, he allegedly swung the object at them.

“The object … was described as almost like a rope with a heavy weight at the end of it,” Okies said. “Officers arrived and arrested the suspect for assault with a deadly weapon.”

Okies said he didn’t know if the suspect had inflicted any damage on the building. He added that he had no reports of anyone being transported to the hospital for injuries as a result of this incident.

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