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Where to grab your 'catching up with friends' coffee

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AUGUST 22, 2017

Now that everyone is moving in, it seems that you’re bumping into old friends (or meeting new ones) left and right. While each brief encounter may entail different topics, they all end the same way: “Let’s grab a coffee sometime!” These are the infamous last words of so many trying to keep their network going. When push comes to shove, though, these plans never pull through. Well, we at the Clog are here to help you and your friends follow through on these empty promises! To do so, here are some quirky and cool Berkeley coffee shops that are just too good to pass up.

The Well

Okay, while this technically isn’t in Berkeley, The Well is worth the extra couple of blocks. The café opened up over the summer in North Oakland and is putting out some good vibes to customers.

The shop provides a selection of herbal tea infusions, drinking chocolates (what is better than that?) and “healthy shots.” This is definitely the place to stop at to top up on wellness and some organic grub.

Café Leila’s

This coffee shop is great for anyone who wants to enjoy ice-cold lemonade while basking under the sun. While you can just opt for the usual café drink, Leila’s has some pretty good food, too. Customers have the option of anything from omelets, burgers, salad and even some pretty-sounding vegetarian options. You and your friend can even see some live music too if you plan out your day right!

Victory Point

Sometimes, catching up with friends isn’t as exciting as you think. This may lead to more than enough awkward pauses and unbearable ramblings. Instead of grasping for any pathetic anecdote to pass the time, grab a board game! Victory Point café is a place where you can grab a drink (coffee or alcohol) and throw down some killer moves. Checkmate!

Bartavelle Coffee and Wine Bar

You know it’s going to be fancy when the title includes coffee AND wine. Bartavelle Coffee and Wine Bar is located in West Berkeley. While the café may reside in a small side building, the treats it has to offer are nothing short of scrumptious. When on the store’s Yelp page, it’s obvious what everyone goes for: avocado toast. It’s no wonder that we millennials haven’t saved up any money. Why would we when we could have a luscious green field of avocados spread across a bed of toasted honey wheat bread? When you’re done Instagramming your toast, don’t forget to stop by the popular Acme Bakery next door as well!

While these coffee shops are top notch for catching up with friends, there are a few other notables for those new to Berkeley: Philz Coffee, Caffe Strada, Blue Bottle and 1951 coffee. Happy chatting, friends!

Kirsty Fowler is the Blog Editor. Contact Kirsty Fowler at [email protected].

AUGUST 23, 2017