Alt-right rally in Berkeley canceled, organizer says

Julian Kilchling/File

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In a statement issued to The Daily Californian on Friday, Amber Cummings, the organizer of the “No to Marxism in America” rally scheduled for Aug. 27, said she does not want people to attend the event.

Cummings said in the statement that her decision to discourage attendees stems from recent “violent threats” and “past history of police” at Berkeley demonstrations. She also apologized for asking people not to attend the event. Cummings added that she believed the event had lost its meaning and intent.

“This all needs to stop and we need the violence to come to an end,” Cummings said in the statement. “Let Berkeley be the place where we decided to come together as Americans and talk and end all the violence and start healing as Americans.”

Cummings also said, however, that she intends to attend the event alone. She added that anyone who attends the event will be turned away because she wants the event to happen peacefully.

“If In the event I am hurt or killed attending this rally. I ask you to please not retaliate on each other as result of my injuries,” Cummings said in the statement. “Let my life be the last one lost and hopefully we can wake up to the fact that we are one America and it is time we stop allowing the extreme people on the Alt Left and Alt right instigate us into more violence.”

The Facebook event for the rally was canceled about 10 p.m. Friday.

The rally, which currently has 326 people confirmed as attending on Facebook and 904 marked as interested, was scheduled to take place in Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park, which has been the location of several alt-right rallies in the past few months, most notably on March 4, April 15 and April 17. Although many community members planned to protest the rally Aug. 27, Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin issued a statement on behalf of the city, advising people to stay away from the park.

Many local businesses, including BAMPFA, are scheduled to close their doors Sunday, in light of the planned rally.

City documents show that Cummings submitted a permit application for the event less than 10 business days in advance required for all event permit applications and did not include the mandatory attachments such as a site plan and a plan for security arrangements. Cummings also said she would not accept responsibility for any violence or damage as a result of the rally and that she was not able to pay for any costs of the event.

The city manager’s office sent a letter to Cummings on Wednesday, explaining that Cummings’s permit application was denied because it was incomplete.

Another alt-right rally was scheduled to take place in at Crissy Field in San Francisco on Aug. 26, but the organizer canceled the event Friday, as first reported by SFGate. There are, however, still people who are planning to attend the rally and other rallies scheduled elsewhere in San Francisco.

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