Student-developed website consolidates computer science recruiting information

Yukun Zhang/Staff

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Campus senior Zuhayeer Musa, with the help of sophomore Jimmy Liu and senior Ahmed Husain, created a website that consolidates computer science recruitment information.

The website,, currently lists recruitment fairs and student-organization information sessions, which are sourced mainly from student submissions, Facebook events and the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, or EECS, career page.

“The main purpose is to make it very easy for students to find these CS and recruiting events,” Musa said, “My end goal (is for the site) to become a one-stop shop for students to come here and practice interview material, get resources … (and) get all the info you need to actually go from being a student to getting an offer for full-time.”

The website provides event details as well as the option to “attend,” which sends a reminder to students’ email addresses and passes the email address on to recruiters. Limited access to events was a driving force for the creation of CSFairs, according to Liu.

According to campus student Veeral Patel, the website was helpful for consolidating information spread out across the computer science community.

Bennett Agnew, external relations coordinator for EECS, called the website and others like it a “really good idea,” acknowledging that there aren’t many department pages dedicated solely to listing events. But, he pointed to the general campus calendar as having a more complete picture of all campus events.

Agnew critiqued the quantity and importance of certain events listed while scrolling through the CSFairs website, but he added that finding events on the general EECS website required “some digging” and that the website simplified the process.

Agnew also said recruitment fairs and info sessions are a part of academic student culture. Musa expressed a similar sentiment, saying recruitment fairs helped students get to know companies.

“There’s so many companies out there that you have to hone in on what you really want to do,” Musa said, “(Fairs are) very helpful because you can directly talk to an engineer and learn more about the culture and engineering fit at that company (and) see if the work you’re doing on campus aligns.”

Students have already given Musa feedback about the site, and he said he is working on creating a newsletter with weekly event updates.

“We’re open to any thoughts,” Musa said. “My email is open to feedback.”

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