Best places to meet doggos and puppers on campus

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AUGUST 30, 2017

Welcome back, Golden Bears! As the first real week of classes begins, you may already be feeling the stress — we at the Clog certainly are. It’s important to take some time to relax before all the heavy reading starts, and there’s no better way to do so than by petting dogs. While there are monthly events with therapy dogs on Sproul Plaza, sometimes you need a little puppy lovin’ ASAP. Keep your eyes peeled for puppers all over campus, and don’t forget to ask before you pet! Check out our recommendations for where to find some doggos, and happy spotting!

Memorial Glade

Memorial Glade isn’t just good for watching the Quidditch team or hammocking. There’s usually at least one dog enjoying the sun and space, often with a Frisbee or tennis ball. Saying this though, the dogs are likely to be running around playing, so you may have to chase after them to say hello. This may be followed by their owner chasing you and yelling, “Leave Spotty alone!”

Clark Kerr Campus’s dog park

While slightly off campus, Clark Kerr’s dog park is a haven for four-footed friends. Plus, the dogs are all off leash. This will give you the opportunity to test you dog-whisperer skills. Who knows, maybe someone else’s dog will adopt you as their new owner, leaving their previous master broken-hearted. Don’t overlook it!

Sproul Plaza

Sproul Plaza is always so packed with people that, statistically, there should be at least one dog there at any given time. Just make sure not to be lured into a informercial by a fliering student’s pupper — trust us, some people will go to any lengths to pass those things out. Bonus points if you meet the fluffy Samoyed with the dyed tail!

Valley Life Sciences Building

Another nature-esque part of campus is the grassy patches surrounding VLSB. These areas are great for meeting pups. It feels like a park, and dogs (plus their grass-napping owners) take advantage of it on the daily!

You never know where you’ll spot a dog on UC Berkeley’s campus, but these locations are definitely hot spots. Don’t forget your dog treats!

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AUGUST 30, 2017