How going to college is exactly like elementary school

Isabelle Doerschlag/Staff

Have you ever thought about all the similarities between elementary school and college? Although they’re on polar opposite spectrums of the education cycle, you’d be surprised by how many similarities they have.

Not knowing who to sit with at lunch

As you walk into Crossroads venturing on your own during prime lunchtime, who do you sit with? That anxiety that rushes over you instantly brings you back to elementary school. The feeling of not wanting to eat alone doesn’t change if you’re in 3rd grade or 13th grade.

Decorating your room (locker)

Even though we might not have lockers to decorate in college, we do have dorms and apartments to decorate! A new school year always means new fun decor to get you excited! You may, however, want to lay off buying a matching locker shelf and magnetic pencil holder.

New look, new you

Everyone remembers the excitement and dismay of going back to school after a long summer! You wanted to show off to your class the “new and improved” version of you, so what did you do? You went out and bought a brand new outfit (Gap’s finest) and got a haircut. Nothing really changes in college! The only difference is that you’re most likely funding your own back to school shopping which is just not quite as fun.

All new school supplies

Nothing is better than fresh new pens and mechanical pencils! Going back to school in elementary school always meant new school supplies. Whether you’re a Hello Kitty, BIC or Five Star kind of person, a new school year always called for refreshing your mechanical pencil stock. This doesn’t really change when you come to college. Although your school supplies are not quite as fun, and might not involve crayons, we still shell the big bucks at Staples and the Student Store.

Teacher’s pet 

In the first few days of each semester, we all try to prove to ourselves that this semester we’ll be better students than the last. We show up to all of our lectures early and complete reading before class. We’re automatically reverted to the 5th-grade version of ourselves, so afraid to disappoint. Unfortunately this aspect only really lasts the first week or so for the most of us.

Enjoy your first few weeks back at school! Don’t be late to class after recess!

Allison David is the assistant blog editor. Contact Allison David at [email protected].