Industrial Tattoo vandalized, owner says anti-hate sign may be cause

Josh Verdi/Courtesy

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Industrial Tattoo & Piercing, located at 2434 Dwight Way, was the victim of a vandalism Thursday night, suffering from a shattered window.

Lysa Taylor, part-owner of Industrial, said that although she was not in the store Thursday night, some of her employees and customers were. According to Taylor, there was a loud popping sound about 6:15 p.m., and then the window on the right side of the building — which featured a “Berkeley Stands United Against Hate” sign — started to shatter.

Taylor, an Oakland resident, said that she didn’t “know for sure” if the sign motivated the vandalism, but it was her “best guess.”

“If that is the case I’m just, really, I’m just scared. … I was under the assumption that the place that I work and the place that I live was like a safe place,” Taylor said. “The fact that that is being compromised and the people that I employ in the building are being compromised — it makes me scared. And mad, of course, but more like disgusted and scared than anything.”

Taylor did attend the counterprotests Aug. 27 in light of the “alt-right” rally, but added that she didn’t believe anyone saw her there who chose to vandalize her store as a result.

Although no one in the store was injured, Taylor said that they were all a “little shook up.” She said that Industrial reported the incident to Berkeley Police Department, and BPD also confirmed that the incident at Industrial was a vandalism.

According to Taylor, no one knows what was thrown at the window. She said that people who came to fix the window said it looked like it was damaged by a pellet gun or a BB gun pellet, but no one in the store at the time of the incident could see anything around the outside.

“My employees went outside to see if there was a rock or a brick … but nobody could see anything,” Taylor said. “The impact point is quite small, so it was definitely not a rock.”

Taylor added that the glass repair company was in the process of fixing the glass, so the window is currently boarded up. She emphasized, however, that she displayed the Berkeley Stands United Against Hate sign back on the front of the store and that she is “not taking it down.”

“This doesn’t change anything,” Industrial said in a Facebook post about the incident. “We’ll just work even harder.”

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