‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ recap 1×18: ‘Part XVIII’

Suzanne Tenner/Showtime/Courtesy
Suzanne Tenner/Showtime/Courtesy

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“Part XVIII” drops us in the Black Lodge, as the body of Cooper’s doppelgänger (Kyle MacLachlan) is being eaten by flames and transformed into a “seed” — a golden pearl. The One-Armed Man (Al Strobel), holds the pearl with a clip of hair, and then it bounces about before becoming the real Agent Cooper. Just as Cooper asks where he is, we see him back again, at the door of his/Dougie’s home with Janey-E (Naomi Watts).

Then we see a repeated scene from “Part XVII,” in which Laura (Sheryl Lee) disappears from Cooper’s hand in the woods.

Back at the Black Lodge, Cooper’s sitting across from the One-Armed Man, who promptly disappears from his seat. Cooper looks on expectantly, before the One-Armed Man coaxes him into another curtained room in the Lodge. They enter the room where The Arm mysteriously questions them. Then, we see Cooper seated in another room of the Lodge, with Laura whispering in his ear. He looks at her in response, and she screams before spiralling out of the shot and disappearing. Then, we see Cooper re-enter the room and approach Leland Palmer (Ray Wise), now seated in a chair across the room.

Leland asks Cooper to “find Laura,” so Cooper exits the room, rustling the curtains and leaving the Lodge, and steps into the woods surrounding the Lodge. Just outside the curtain is Diane (Laura Dern), Cooper’s long-lost love.

The next morning, Cooper and Diane drive through an electrical time-space portal which transports them to a dark, windy road (similar to the one we saw in “Part XVI”). The couple pull up to a motel, and Cooper goes inside. While Diane waits in the car, she looks out to see a copy of herself standing outside of the motel, but when Cooper emerges from the motel, the duplicate Diane is no longer standing there — raising questions of whether the two Dianes could have switched places. Whichever Diane was in the car enters a room with Cooper, and the two have sex, during which time Diane covers Cooper’s face with her hands and cries (likely out of trauma after being raped by the doppelgänger).

When Cooper awakens after sunrise, Diane is missing, and a note addressed to “Richard” from someone named “Linda” is waiting on the nightstand. Cooper steps outside, revealing that he’s in a different motel from the one he entered with Diane the night before, and a different car — this time an FBI-looking vehicle — awaits him in the parking lot. It appears that he’s in Odessa, Texas, when he drives away from the motel and passes a Judy’s Diner. Cooper goes inside and takes a seat at an open booth (of which there are many). While he sips his coffee, he sees a group of cowboys assault the waitress and calls them out, causing them to approach him with a gun, which he promptly turns on them. While he waits for the waitress to write down an address — the address of another waitress — he tosses the men’s guns in a fryer. He takes the note and leaves the restaurant.

He approaches the door of the address he was given, and a woman — Carrie Page, who looks identical to Laura Palmer — answers the door. At first she seems to know nothing about Laura, but when Cooper tells her a bit about Laura’s life, the woman seems to have a realization. He says he wants to take the woman “home,” to her mother, Sarah, in Twin Peaks — and the woman agrees. When Cooper enters her home while she swiftly packs, he sees a decaying dead man on her couch, but he asks no questions.

The two drive through the dark, once again on windy roads, before arriving in Twin Peaks and zipping right past Norma’s (Peggy Lipton) Double-R Diner.

Cooper drives Carrie to the Palmers’ house, but Sarah Palmer doesn’t answer the door — and the couple who lives there has no idea who Sarah Palmer is. Defeated, the pair walk away.

On their way back to the car, Cooper stops and asks Carrie, “What year is this?”

When we cut back to the image of the Palmer home, we hear faint calls for Laura in the distance, prompting a shrill scream from Laura right next to Cooper. The lights in the home flash and the image cuts to black, before slowly fading to an image of Laura whispering into Cooper’s ear in the Black Lodge as the credits roll.

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