Positive affirmations for the stressed college student

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Zainab Ali/Senior Staff

College comes with a lot of expectations.

Everyone is cracked out on how college is the time of their lives and how they’re going to meet lifelong friends that will be their future kids’ godparents, etc. This is expected to be done, all on top of learning everything there is to know about economics.

While that’s not to say that none of this is possible, it’s important to point out that it doesn’t all have to be true. Everyone does college differently. Sometimes we can forget how it’s perfectly acceptable to have a varied college experience. As we readjust to college life and head back to the grind, we at the Clog have some positive affirmations that can help us along.

We have the rest of our lives to be family with our family.

While it can certainly be difficult to say “See you later” and head back to our city by the bay, this abandonment of our family is actually not abandonment at all. This whole blood-relative thing is pretty permanent, so your sister will be your sister forever. Whether she likes it or not.

We love learning.

Let’s be real, we’re all here because we’re lowkey giant nerds who just love to learn. No use in denying the massive geek that lies within! Half of us would marry Bill Nye tomorrow if we could, so just give it up, cool kid. By week three of the semester, this love will probably have devolved into a slow burn. By week seven, it will be missing in action. By week nine, we will adamantly deny any sort of love whatsoever as we attempt to manage the PTSD from midterms. Even in the throes of organic chemistry and the pits of problem sets, we can assure you that our excitement by knowledge will still be kicking.

Everyone is different!

Just like tongue prints and snowflakes. No two college experiences are the same, so do whatever makes you happy and don’t worry about what everyone else is up to.

There’s no need to compare.

That’s not going to get you anywhere. The only comparing that should be done around these parts will be in class for those compare-and-contrast essay prompts.

We have friends.

Sometimes get it into our heads that we’re friendless losers who will be forced to fly through the remaining space-time continuum as the “forever alone” meme of 2015. There’s no need to get down on ourselves for failing to have enough BFF’s during our time here at college. Look around Sproul Plaza. Most of the people that are denying an interest in business consulting are doing so on their own. You’re chilling.

Being uncomfortable can help us to grow.

Just like that one Google Images quote with the dramatic forest scene backdrop says, “Life begins right outside of your comfort zone.” While Bio 1A last semester taught us that life actually begins with some fancy mitosis cell division, there’s certainly tons of growth for us ahead.

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