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Top spots at UC Berkeley to take a power nap

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SEPTEMBER 05, 2017

We all love napping in a comfortable bed. Unfortunately, college doesn’t work like that. Our residence hall or apartments are too far from campus, and the breaks in between classes are too short to nap in a comfortable bed. Forced to nap on campus, you might as well pick a stellar spot to get some shut eye.

Eucalyptus Grove

One of the shadiest and quietest places on campus, Eucalyptus Grove is an ideal napping spot. Just bring a blanket or invest in a hammock for a top-notch napping experience.

Doe Library reading room

The Reading Room in Doe Library has the nicest interior we’ve ever seen. It’s also quiet and has some very comfortable chairs that are absolutely perfect for getting in some sleep.

Massage chairs at the Recreational Sports Facility

The RSF may not be the first place you think of when wanting to take a nap, however, the massage chairs are insanely comfortable. It’s also a perfect place to nap after a hard workout.

Second floor of Wurster Hall

The Wurster library has eggshell-shaped napping pods that are literally made for naps. Wurster’s pretty far from most other on-campus buildings, but the napping pods are definitely worth trying out if you’ve got a nearby class.

By the Campanile

Underneath the Campanile, there’s a grassy area perfect for relaxing and drifting off to sleep. You may want to have someone guard your belongings, though.

Dwinelle 155

If you have a lecture in Dwinelle 155, save yourself the trouble of trying to understand the lecture in favor of combating your sleep deprivation.

Memorial Glade

This one’s obvious, but we can’t neglect the fact that the Glade is the perfect place to nap when the weather permits.

Jean Gray Hargrove Music Library

The couches are amazing plus the library is peaceful. An excellent place to satisfy your napping needs.

Kesge Engineering library

When sleep deprived, these couches save the day.

Any random grassy knoll

There’s a ton of them on campus including one by Wheeler and another by the Valley Life Sciences Building. They’re comfortable and a perfect place for a power nap.

There’s no question about it – napping is essential. Fortunately, there’s places on our campus suited to our napping needs. Beds are comfortable, but on-campus napping is too convenient to not indulge in.

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SEPTEMBER 05, 2017