Ways to stay cool when you don’t have air conditioning

Michaela Swensen/File

Summer vacation might be over, but the weather’s only getting hotter. With temperatures rising into the triple digits, it’s clear that the lack of proper air conditioning in many apartments and dorms is a major issue. We at the Clog are here to share some tips and tricks for surviving this deadly weather even without air conditioning.

Take a swim with your friends.

Forget that study grind and take a break for a swim. Not only will the cool water stop you from melting like a human popsicle, the exercise will also help you release endorphins, thus relieving some of the typical Berkeley stress.

Cover your forehead with a cold, wet face towel. 

Yeah, it’s that simple. Just grab a towel, plunge it into some ice water then spread it across your forehead. You’ll feel sweet relief almost instantly.

Eat lots of ice cream.

What’s a better excuse to eat ice cream than unbearably hot weather? This time, if anyone asks why you’re eating a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s, simply tell them that it’s a measure taken for a dire situation (because you’ll probably faint of heatstroke otherwise).

Use your freezer as a makeshift air conditioner.
Simply open up your freezer door, stick your head in and feel the magical cooling effects of the almighty freezer. Beware, however – doing this too often will probably ruin your freezer … and waste a lot of energy.

Invest in a nice fan.

A fan will do wonders in impossibly hot weather. It’ll circulate the air around your room, bringing movement and simulations of a cool Bay Area breeze to your stuffy and hot apartment or dorm.

Make a cheap DIY watermelon slushee!

Warning: You’ll need a blender for this tip. Simply grab a handful of ice, toss it into the blender with some chopped up watermelon and blend! You’ll be rewarded for your minimal efforts with a deliciously refreshing watermelon slushee.

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