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Easy outfits to wear to class that aren't your Cal gear

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SEPTEMBER 06, 2017

From yoga pants to basketball shorts, there seems to always be an alternative to actually getting dressed for class.

Looking like you care about your appearance gets tougher and tougher as college goes on. As you gain club positions and accumulate research essays, your Cal sweatpants become a lot more appealing than dresses or slacks. Firstly, because you want to take advantage of the time you have left without the commitment to business attire at your 9-5. Secondly, because we go to a school with over 20,000 undergraduates, meaning the chances you run into your friday night hook up are slim to none. Why look fab if your professor is the only person checking that you’re in the room?

We at the Clog are here to offer an alternative solution to lulu’s and Berkelium t-shirts.

For a killer outfit that makes you look like you woke up more than ten minutes before your class, just grab a few simple items.

This wouldn’t be Berkeley if half the population didn’t own Birkenstocks, so, if you have the dough, invest. That being said, a pair of black or white sneakers goes with literally everything and are just as easy as sandals or Birks when you opt for the slip on style.

In terms of tops, all you have to do is grab a few plain T-shirts with a flattering fit. Seriously, don’t underestimate the plain white T or, for that matter, tank. Solid colors and comfy fabric go a long way and give you the look of a lead singer who can’t be bothered to acknowledge how incredibly hot they are.

The same goes for pants. Grab a couple of jeans (high waisted if you’re feelin’ it!) in different neutral shades. They’ll go with everything and make matching that patterned sweater you bought in middle school so much easier.

It may sound obvious, but just picking up a few items in neutral shades makes mornings incredibly simple. Plus, those items can all be found in your local thrift shop, #cheap #sustainable.

Think you’re too artistic for that? You need “color and pop” you say? That’s where accessories come in. You lay out the basics with your pants, top, dress, skirt, whatever. Then, spice it up with that floral headband, blingy watch, paisley hat, bunchy sweater or patterned belt. It’s all about sticking to the basics then adding your personal flare.

Or, dress how ever the hell you want to and, if all else fails, slip into a morph suit and call it a day.

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SEPTEMBER 06, 2017