How to catch a ride on a campus golf cart

Calvin Tang/File

Berkeley time gives us a whopping 10 minutes to get to class if we’ve scheduled them back-to-back. However, if you have to go from one end of campus to another, ten minutes often isn’t enough. University golf carts can easily get you from Li Ka Shing to Haas on time, but they won’t give rides to just anyone. Considering the past golf car thefts, the drivers are pretty choosey with who they decide to pick up.  Here are some methods to get campus officials to let you catch a ride on their sweet wheels.

Act like you’re injured

If you’re already injured, then this is no problem. If you aren’t, a makeshift splint or a dramatic limp will do the trick. As long as it’s some kind of leg or foot injury, you’re sure to get picked up. Just make sure you aren’t taking the place of someone who’s actually injured, though keep in mind that they might also be faking it.

Pretend to be an athlete

Cal athletes need to keep their legs fresh to be at peak performance when game day comes around. No self-respecting golf cart driver is going to let a student athlete speed walk to class, especially if you tell them practice just ended. It’s probably best to pick a more obscure sport than football or basketball — who knows the diving team’s roster by heart?

Dress like you’re golfing

Tuck in a short sleeve, collared shirt and throw on that visor. Maybe even carry a few clubs around if you have some. It just makes too much sense for a golf cart to give a golfer a ride. If anything, it should be their primary function. Plus with this tactic, you can hit two birds with one stone and play the “I’m an athlete” card and the “golfer-golf cart” card.

If you have a long, uphill walk to your next class, all your troubles can be solved if you stick to our guidelines. Zip past all of the other sweaty fools that walk to class and never be late to lecture again!

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