Things UC Berkeley students have learned not to question

Joshua Jordan/Staff

When’s the last time you’ve looked a flyer vulture in the eye? By now it’s probably an automatic response to look down and plug in your headphones when strolling through Sproul Plaza. There are certain things UC Berkeley students have come to expect, and as a consequence, we’ve become numb to them. Here are the things that might evoke a response out of any given person but are hardly questioned by UC Berkeley students.

Fat squirrels

Normal response: People marvel at an extremely overweight squirrel.

UC Berkeley response: As we walk past, barely anyone acknowledges just another squirrel.

Long lines at Crossroads

Normal response: A long line indicates a delicious and well-run establishment. The impression is given that Crossroads must be the most hip restaurant in town.

UC Berkeley response: Some freshmen reluctantly stand in line to use their meal points and the rest go to Taco Bell.

Soft sobbing in Main Stacks during midterms 

Normal response: It’s surprising to hear crying in a public space, but it’s often met with the desire to help.

UC Berkeley response: Audible crying no longer phases us, and though we can try provide assistance, we know that a GSI would probably be more helpful.

Music blasting from a parking lot at 11 p.m. 

Normal response: The average onlooker is confused as to what event could possibly be taking place in an empty lot so late at night.

UC Berkeley response: We all know that parking lot is filled with dancers.

These UC Berkeley things have become so routine that we barely raise an eyebrow anymore. If you’re still surprised by these events, just give it some time. Eventually, they’ll just be regular parts of your day.

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