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'Twas the night before game day

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SEPTEMBER 08, 2017

Game day is finally upon us and we couldn’t be more excited. These glorious days are only second to Christmas, leading all of us Golden Bears to become nostalgic for the holiday season. What better way to celebrate ‘tis the season vibes than with the classic story, “The Night Before Game Day?” There is none. Enjoy. 

‘Twas the night before Game Day, when all through in the frats,

Not a pledge was stirring, not even working on his lats.

The speakers and banners were set-up with much care,

In hopes that mimosas and dirty girl scouts would soon be there.

The wee Golden Bears were nicely nestled in their beds,

With dreams of mic-men and Artichokes swirling around their heads.


It was hoped that our blue and gold squad would get the win,

But alas, we can always settle for King Pin.

We cannot sleep, we cannot eat, all we want to do is dance,

But we clearly must get some rest so we can emerge tomorrow in a jolly prance.

The tunes with be bumpin, with all the bears droppin’ it low,

And hell or high water we will be ready to show our stuff when that young whistle blows.

Everyone has been busy all summer practicing their dab,

And the ones without rhythm often are still jolly good lads.

Ah, what to wear, a question that always causes us to say shoot,

Thus there seems that there’s no better answer than to dawn a yellow morph suit.


To go to the game, or not to go to the game that is the question,

The bears could pull off a win, and teach us all a lesson.

It seems like good lucks are anything but a lack,

With our new coach being quite the little snack.


Little ol’ Oski is finally ready to mobilize the cheer squad,

And show us some dance moves that could really pull his quad.

It’s not quite the same without the legend of the not so saint Dirks,

But, hey, we’re the alma matter of Chris Pine, the new Captain Kirk.

The brow, the spectacles, the public funds, and the fence will all be missed,

Perhaps we should all blow our former chancellor an air kiss.


Who needs to set out cookies when we know all us Golden Bears crave is a solid frank,

Why a Game Day without Top Dog is two words: not dank.

It is time for us at the Clog to go and sleep tight,

Merry Game Day to all and to all good night.

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SEPTEMBER 08, 2017