Tips for catching up on hundreds of pages of reading

Lianne Frick/Staff

As the semester drags on, there’s one thing that seems to just keep piling up with no end in sight: pages and pages of reading. With the increasing buildup of that reading, stress levels are also rising over the roof. That’s why we at the Clog are going to share some tips and tricks for quickly catching up on all that reading.

Google search the reading, if possible.

If said reading is a book, then you’re in great luck. There are numerous summaries that can be be found on various books online. Simply do a quick Google search to get a quick idea of the major ideas you should be getting out of your reading. As you read thoroughly, you’ll understand the key points of the reading to be a lot easier.

Set specific time intervals for reading.

If reading for seven hours at once to finish all the missed reading seems daunting to you, try setting time intervals with 30 minutes of reading, then taking a five- or 10-minute break between each interval. You’ll find that this method is a lot less daunting and will allow you to read with a reachable goal in sight.

Set specific targets for the number of pages to be read at each interval.

If setting time intervals just doesn’t work for you, since you’re end up watching the timer tick down on the clock, try setting a target number of pages to be finished before you allow yourself to have a break. For example, you could set thirty pages as the minimum number of pages to read before you allow yourself a five minute break to watch that new funny cat video on YouTube.

Follow the reading with your finger.

Yes, this may seem elementary, but it’s a technique used for a reason! If you’re the type to get lost in a sea of words, trying to follow exactly where you are in the reading with your finger is definitely going to be a major turning point. You’ll definitely save some of the previous time you typically use to regain your place in the reading.

Reward yourself tangibly with food.

If you’re motivated by food, then this tip’ll definitely make a difference in your reading pace. Simply allow yourself a bite of delicious food after every paragraph or page that you read, and you’ll find that you’ve zoomed through your reading – and possibly a lot of food – in no time!

Good luck catching up on your reading, Bears!


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