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Quiz: Where should you shelter during a natural disaster?

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2017

With the influx of intense weather patterns, earthquakes and fires plaguing our poor planet Earth, one cannot help but fear that these disasters might strike Berkeley. Do you know what you would do in the event of a disaster? We at the Clog had no idea what we would do, so we have figured out the perfect place for you to go and take shelter no matter what you’re doing — or where you are — on campus. Think fast — a natural disaster has struck! If you’re wondering where to go, fear not!*

*Disclaimer: We at the Clog cannot guarantee your safety in said campus buildings because they’re old and janky AF.


  1. Where are you?
    1. Camping under the Campanile.
    2. Stalking through Sproul Hall.
    3. Memorizing in Moffitt Library.
    4. Napping on Northside.
  2. What’s happening?
    1. Earthquake!
    2. Fire!
    3. Rainstorm!
    4. Something’s happening?
  3. What do you need?
    1. Food and water, ASAP.
    2. Get me somewhere safe and dry.
    3. I need to get the hell out of here!
    4. I need to go back to my nap.
  4. How bad is it out there?
    1. This makes “San Andreas” look like an exaggeration.
    2. I’ve seen much, much worse. This is hardly a disaster!
    3. I’m starting to get concerned.
    4. No, seriously, is something going on outside?
  5. Are you with other people?
    1. Yeah, but I don’t know where they went.
    2. There’s a few of us trying to stick together.
    3. It’s packed!
    4. Seems like I’m the only person on campus.
    1. Make it into Evans Hall as fast as you can! There’s plenty of space for people inside.
    2. Make your way to Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union! You certainly won’t starve down there.
    3. Stay where you are! It’s not safe to go outside right now.
    4. The basement of Barrows Hall shall be your stronghold. Nothing can get you down there!


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SEPTEMBER 14, 2017