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UC Berkeley majors as '90s cartoon characters

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2017

While we’re all funky in our own ways, coming to UC Berkeley and taking coursework in our favorite subjects has really brought out our wild side. In honor of all the wackiness and uniqueness that comes with the territory of being a student here, let’s throw it back to the ’90s. Which powerhouse cartoon character are you, according to your major? We at the Clog are more than ready to tell you.


You’re most definitely Arthur. Well, maybe you’re more of a Brain (you know, the mouse who wants to take over the world?), but regardless, you know your stuff. You dress well, with those popped collars and pullover cardigans in the trendiest colors, and you also know how to prove that a transformation is bijective. Math majors are worldly — just ask any of them to spell aardvark, and “a-a-r-d-v-a-r-k” they’ll say without looking up as they try to get the darn Evans Hall elevator to come just a little faster. Math GSIs are so passionate about their work, just like Mr. Ratburn, that students find it hard to believe their instructors are real people who have lives outside of school.

Gender and women’s studies

Gender and Women’s Studies, you don’t get enough credit, but credit is due where credit is due – you’re the Powerpuff Girls. You kick butt and you know your stuff. Powerpuff Girls are so much more than just sugar, spice and everything nice — they kick butt, save lives and rock some pretty dank capes too. GWS students don’t wear capes, but they might as well, because they fight for causes worth fighting for and feminism is one of them.


Chemistry majors, you’re without a doubt Dexter from “Dexter’s Laboratory.” Who actually knows what chemistry students are brewing away in Gilman Hall? Chemistry majors are concocting secret potions to (maybe) save our lives, just like Dexter. When we oblivious peers try to succeed in general chemistry classes but instead break all the pipettes and beakers, it rapidly becomes evident who Dexter is and who Dee Dee is.

Electrical engineering and computer sciences

Don’t worry EECS students, how can we ever forget you? Some of you may have the big guns like Johnny Bravo, but he’s more of a metaphorical symbol for y’all – while some hit the gym to get swole, EECS students hit up Soda Hall because they’ve got Hearst Avenue, and the hike up there is enough of a workout. Just like Johnny Bravo, EECS students think they’ve got game romantically, but that’s very subjective to, well, just about everyone else.

Bears, you all know how to rock this world because you’re at UC Berkeley. Don’t let UCLA tell you otherwise. Most of you were born in the ’90s and are therefore modern-day versions of some of the best cartoon characters we’ve ever seen.

Avanti Mehrotra is the assistant blog editor. Contact Avanti Mehrotra at [email protected].

SEPTEMBER 14, 2017