UC Berkeley’s top campus power duos

Hannah Cooper/Senior Staff

Every book needs a bookmark. Every fruit needs a vegetable. Every UC Berkeley student needs an emotional support llama. We at the Clog have been feeling the love lately and thus have decided to investigate the best power duos in Berkeley and give them a special shoutout. 

Arlie and Adam Hochschild

Okay, first of all, even their names are adorably compatible, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Arlie is an utter queen and did five years of intensive sociological research in Louisiana to write her National Book Award finalist nonfiction work, “Strangers in their Own Land.” She is such an influential sociologist and her recent book alludes to the social logic behind the election of Donald Trump — we at the Clog strongly suggest giving it a read.

Of course, we can’t forget about Mr. Hochschild. Just like Arlie, Adam is very involved in today’s current political environment. Being a journalist, he has worked for many publications like the New York TimesNPR and the San Francisco Chronicle. And just to make sure the Hochschild bookshelf stays filled, Adam has also written quite a few books — eight to be exact, some of which are award-winning!

Caffe Strada and your laptop

Now for a serious romance. Where else does your laptop feel more caffeinated, overheated, charged and social than Caffe Strada? Literally nowhere. Strada provides our computers the beautiful and relaxing outdoors while allowing owners a chance to hammer out that essay due in an hour.

Memorial Glade and the Campanile

No structures love each other more than our glorious, hipster-vibes-only field and our historic bell tower. The two like to give each other some side-eye action on the daily and the Campanile rings its bells to make the grass of the glade dance. These two structures are players, however, as they both like seeing other people on the side via hosting hundreds of visitors a day. What a spicy little duet, shall we say.

The Clog and UC Berkeley students

The crown gem of them all. It seems that no other entities love each other more than your favorite college life blog and you lovely readers. Thanks for always having the hots for us while we try to woo you with the written word. 

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