From Dwight Avenue to Bancroft Way: Which hill is shittiest?

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

If you live on Piedmont Avenue or above, there’s a good chance you have to walk any one of five hills to get home. But which one of you has it the worst? We strapped on our Camelbacks and loaded up on Clif Bars to find out. Beginning on College Avenue and ending on Piedmont Avenue, we braved the steady inclines and studied the scenery to bring you this complete guide to five of Berkeley’s moderate hills. Now you’ll know which of your friends is sweatiest by the time they get back from class.

Dwight Avenue

This hill is noticeable but hardly a problem. You only have to pass by one fraternity to get to Piedmont, and it’s not until the very end. The only struggle you might face is resisting the urge to turn right towards Clark Kerr to grab some food.

Change in elevation: 36 feet

Sweat level: Low

Fraternities passed: 1

Haste Street

Haste Street is about as tall a hill as Dwight is, but the incline is ever so slightly worse. A couple fraternities lie along the way, but, on the whole, this hill warrants only minor complaints.

Change in elevation: 32 feet

Sweat level: Low

Fraternities passed: 2

Channing Way

This is where things start to get shitty. After a mild beginning, this hill quickly becomes steeper in the latter half. Several fraternities await, though TKE has recently upped its curb appeal with some new landscaping. They also have that checkered sidewalk, which is fun?

Change in elevation: 41 feet

Sweat level: Medium

Fraternities passed: 7

Durant Avenue

Things get even steeper on Durant Avenue, which also carries a high likelihood that you will pass by a fraternity’s dumpster. It also has the least amount of shade, and no fun sidewalk designs.

Change in elevation: 49 feet

Sweat level: Medium-high

Fraternities passed: 6

Bancroft Way

Bancroft’s hill is definitely the worst, but it’s also one of the nicest walks. With a fountain and Boalt Hall on your left and the International House up ahead, at least you’ll have some decent scenery. However, the incline on this one is without question the shittiest.

Change in elevation: 52 feet

Sweat level: High

Fraternities passed: 3

After an entire afternoon of a little less than one mile of walking, this is our definitive guide on a very negligible problem in a very specific part of Berkeley. If you were needlessly walking up Bancroft Way when you could’ve been walking up Dwight Avenue, now your life is marginally better.

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2017