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Best replacements for late night cravings after 11 p.m.

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SEPTEMBER 18, 2017

Whether you’re leaving Moffitt after a tiring evening of studying or Greek Row after a wild night of partying, food is most likely on your mind. You probably have nothing to eat at home, and you realize it’s long after 11 p.m., when most typical restaurants close. And, unlucky for you, you’re a freshman who doesn’t have a clue as to what “Late Night” (at Crossroads) means — or you’re an upperclassman who wouldn’t have had the meal points for it anyways. But, don’t fret. You live in Berkeley — a glorious land of several late-night eatery options with price tags fit for a college student like you. So, allow us at the Clog to introduce to you the best late night food spots to replace the void that Late Night has left in all of our hearts.

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza

If you’ve never been to Artichoke’s, chances are you don’t even go here. As a popular pizza chain based out of New York City, Artichoke’s has become a staple in Berkeley late night eateries, clearly seen by the line perpetually going out the door even at 2 a.m. While its proximity to Greek Row and the Units probably doesn’t help with the wait, its slices are definitely worth it — they’re creamy, warm, giant and well worth the price. Be sure to try the famous Artichokes Basil Pizza (duh, that’s what it’s named for).

Thai Basil Cuisine

If the Artichoke’s line is a little to discouraging, head over to Asian Ghetto where you’ll find Thai Basil, arguably one of the best Thai spots in Berkeley. Its price points are perfect for us broke college students, the helpings are extremely generous and there’s a good amount of indoor seating for chilly nights. And, most importantly, it’s open until mignight. Favorites include the Pad Thai and Basil Fried Rice. Warning: don’t even think about coming here if you’re not carrying cash.

Top Dog

Duh. What would Durant Avenue be without the smell and warmth of freshly grilled hot dogs and sausages from Top Dog? Answer: absolutely nothing. If you’re looking for a cheap and quick bite, this place is here for you. Although it’s also cash-only (as are many late-night eateries in Berkeley), prices are dirt cheap, so buying several hot dogs at a time is well worth it. Plus, you get to see what the guy behind the counter is watching as he Netflix-and-grills while you wait for your hot dog – which is always a great way to pass the time. Bonus: add some sauerkraut to your dog and thank us later.

Gypsy’s Trattoria Italiana

Also located in Asian Ghetto, Gypsy’s is the perfect spot if you’re craving a cheap, hardy bowl of pasta after 11 p.m. While the atmosphere may be a tad bit bland, there’s a wide variety of extremely affordable choices. The portions are large, and the food is extremely filling — perfect if you missed out on dinner whilst studying the hours away in Main Stacks. Plus, pretty much everything comes with garlic bread, and who doesn’t love that? Bonus: if you pay in cash, the dishes are cheaper!



If you’re searching more a enticing and aesthetic sit-down restaurant environment, look no further than Jupiter. Open until 1:30 a.m. on weekends, later than some of the other spots included in this list, Jupiter offers the perfect late-night atmosphere, as well as the perfect pizza. Its menu also includes filling appetizers, salads and sandwiches that are sure to fulfill all of your late night cravings. Plus, get there early enough and sit outside to catch the house band play.

Although Late Night may no longer be with us, be sure to try out these just as tasty late night spots in and around Berkeley!

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SEPTEMBER 18, 2017