Best excuses to use when arriving to class late

Zainab Ali/File

No one likes to be that person who walks into a lecture hall 30 minutes late in front of 150 students. But in the situation where you’re asked to give an explanation for your tardiness, here are some excuses that might come in handy for latecomers at UC Berkeley.

“I got attacked by a squirrel.”

Every student knows that UC Berkeley is infamous for its sneaky squirrels. If you’re chilling around Dwinelle with a chocolate granola bar in hand, prepare for the possibility of making a new furry little friend (who might be hungry, too).

“The police barricaded Sproul because of the protest.”

Is there any other campus that has more protests than UC Berkeley? Probably not. Big demonstrations mean big orange and white barricades that wrap around every entrance of the campus.

“I came from North Side! It’s literally so far away from everything.”

If you arrive at Barrows Hall out of breath and sweating with your Camelbak slung around you (something that you only break out when you’re going to climb gnarly rock in Yosemite), your professor will understand.

“I forgot which streets were one-way.”

The one-way streets can throw off most (if not all) drivers in Berkeley. You might think you’re going in the right direction to arrive at your destination in ten minutes, but one wrong turn could double your ETA.

“Someone stole my bike tire.”

Bike theft is definitely a thing in Berkeley. Unless you have at least one lock and cable for every part of your bike, don’t be surprised if you find your vehicle without a tire or seat when going to use it.

“I pulled an all-nighter studying in Main Stacks and I overslept.”

This excuse is definitely expected when RRR Week is just around the corner. Late night studying is a staple of college living and Main Stacks is the go-to spot for studious Cal Bears. Just don’t forget, if you use this excuse, make sure you look extra miserable when walking into class (shouldn’t be too hard).

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