Best places for majors to get reinspired on campus

Willow Yang/File

There comes a point in everyone’s time at UC Berkeley when you just feel like giving up. Maybe that paper due tomorrow is too long to write in one night, or maybe you’re convinced the last question on that problem set is truly impossible. Losing hope is an all too common occurrence here, but luckily we’re here to help you regain some. UC Berkeley’s campus is full of inspiring academic history and landmarks that can inspire even the most dejected student.

EECS majors — Cory

Berkeley Lab’s supercomputer, Cory, performs at an astonishing 30 petaflops/s. Maybe the words “Cray DataWarp technology” and “Lustre scratch file system” mean something to you, and perhaps they’re even motivating. There’s nothing like an ultra-efficient and powerful supercomputer to instill in you the will to fix that buggy code.

Legal Studies majors — any protest

If you’re a legal studies major and you’re beginning to feel discouraged, just stroll past a protest. You might find yourself in a minefield of legal issues, at which point you’ll realize just how badly the world needs you.

Sociology majors — the Units

If you really want to specialize in human relationships and behavior, try peaking into a residence hall. Stuffing hundreds of college students into a cramped living environment with shared bathrooms is one of the world’s cruelest sociology experiments. If you’re starting to feel like your field is pointless, a flashback to your freshman year might remind you why studying human relationships is so important.

Architecture majors — Evans Hall

The real inspiration here comes from the desire an architecture major would feel to never design a building that looks like Evans. Seeing Evans has to be some of the best evidence that the world needs more skilled architects, and that architect could be you if you get back to studying.

Civil engineering majors — any lecture hall with shitty desks

How many times must we be disappointed by the design of our foldable desks? Trying to take notes on a desk half the size of your notebook should be enough for any civil engineer to realize that small engineering problems exist all around us, and it would be great if you started with this particular one.

There’s a place on campus for every major to visit and feel reinvigorated with the desire to learn. Next time you feel hopeless in the middle of an assignment, take a short break, remember why you’re studying that particular field, and get back to work.

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