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Crackin’ open a LaCroix: Which is the best?

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SEPTEMBER 22, 2017

Everybody loves bubbles, especially when they’re in your water. Science says that humans are made out of 60 percent water, but some people are made out of 60 percent LaCroix. This sparkling beverage isn’t your average water. Flavored naturally with zero calories and artificial sweeteners, LaCroix is a guilt-free favorite among many. With 20 flavors, LaCroix has made its way into the aisles of grocery stores and the cabinets and refrigerators of many homes with its signature can design and “naturally essenced” taste, whatever the hell that means.

First order of business, how the heck do you pronounce it: LaCroix. People get real creative when trying to pronounce this. PSA: it’s pronounced “la-croy” not “la-kwah.” (Like “enjoy.”)

People love rankings done by people who know as much as they do on the topic. So, we at the Clog have compiled a list of our top eight flavors of LaCroix, in order of our least favorite (which we still love) to our most favorite.

No. 8: Peach-pear

We never thought these flavors would work together but they do. (Partially because you can’t really taste the pear, and it only really tastes like peach, but you get the gist.) This flavor gives us Haribo peach vibes without all the sugary sweetness.

No. 7: Apricot

We can have an entire discussion about how to pronounce this word, too, but that’s not relevant. This flavor’s pretty neutral and somewhat an accurate portrayal of the actual fruit. We don’t know anyone who actively eats apricots for fun, but if you do, this one’s for you.

No. 6: Mango

Let’s be honest. Anything that’s ever mango flavored never actually tastes like mango, but this one missed the nail by just an inch. (We don’t have a ruler, this is just a rough estimate.)

No. 5: Lime

Lemon’s zestier, older sister is a refreshing option. It tastes like a watered-down sprite but pairs really well with other beverages that may or may not be alcoholic. This is definitely the option that can please a wide range of audiences. (No assaulting of taste buds here).

No. 4: Lemon

This flavor also tastes like watered-down Sprite on its own and is a great mixer with other possibly alcoholic beverages. A little sweeter and more citrusy than lime, this one is one of the LaCroix cult favorites. The rankings of lime/lemon are often interchangeable, but the minuscule differences in this ranking have placed one slightly higher than the other. Sorry lime.

No.3: Passion Fruit

Some people have never even tasted an actual passion fruit before, but they’ve definitely tried passion fruit flavored LaCroix, that’s for sure. Although not as popular as some of the other flavors, passion fruit’s one of the better tasting options. This is the refreshing and not too sweet combo you’ve been looking for.

No. 2: Tangerine

This one actually tastes like tangerines (go figure). It literally tastes like someone smashed tangerines into this can and magically added bubbles to it. (Not really magic, just carbon dioxide.) Not as easy to find in grocery stores, this somewhat rare find is arguably equally as good as pamplemousse. Some may say this tastes similar to it’s not-as-cool-cousin, orange, but not all citruses are the same.

No. 1: Pamplemousse

Pamplemousse (grapefruit in English) LaCroix is definitely a crowd favorite. Often known as the gateway drug for LaCroix, this pink can has the perfect balance of bubbles, citrus and sweetness. With a fancy name and aesthetically pleasing can, pamplemousse ranks No. 1 in this ranking of the top eight flavors of LaCroix.

Isn’t it just water? No, it’s not.

If you don’t believe the hype for this can of carbonated water with the “essence” of fruit, get your bougie on, grab yourself some and crack open a LaCroix.

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2017