What to do when your classes are canceled for ‘Free Speech Week’

Deborah Chen/File

With the so-called “Free Speech Week,” many of us are unsure about what to expect. What we know for sure is 132 faculty members are canceling class. If you’re a student in one of the many classes that have been canceled (sorry, STEM majors), here is a comprehensive list of activities to do instead.

Treat yo’ self

Splurge on Amazon, get a mani-pedi and, if you’re feeling really adventurous, swipe yourself into Croads and get a smoothie from the Den afterward (or get a freshman to do it for you). These are stressful times people — buy yourself something nice to compensate!

Go to the RSF for once

You finally have a free hour or two to work out — take advantage of it! If you live east of the RSF and have to go through the madness of Sproul Plaza to get there, doing a Jillian Michaels ab workout video from YouTube is basically the same thing.

Stand behind the velvet rope at Ici Ice Cream

With security everywhere, the extra AF velvet rope that keeps the masses from entering Ici’s all at the same time is complementary and fitting. Ici’s will also get you further away from all the crazy that’s likely going to be encompassing Sproul Plaza.

Do work (for once)

Midterms are upon us, even though it’s not the middle of the term (a rant for another time). If anyone is feeling particularly motivated, studying and/or catching up in all of your classes is a very impressive way to spend this free time.

Netflix it up

Netflix is definitely the most classic way to kill a few hours (or days) when class is cancelled. PSA: All three “Cheetah Girls” movies and two of the “High School Musical” movies are on Netflix. Remember: we’re all in this together, folks.

However y’all choose to spend this time if your classes happen to be canceled, please take care of yourself — whatever that means for you — and stay safe.

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