Power ranking of UC Berkeley libraries to check out

Nicole White/File

As students of UC Berkeley, we’re lucky enough to have 27 different libraries to study in, each one with a distinct vibe that caters to different studying styles. A lot of people claim that they’ll try to study in all 27 libraries at some point during their time as a student here. Instead of trying to fulfill that goal, or being annoyed with yourself for never actually following through with it, just read this article to figure out the libraries that are truly worth checking out.

No. 1: Doe Memorial Library

It’s literally the most beautiful building on our campus, it’s the oldest of our libraries, and, I mean, the North Reading Room — c’mon!

No. 2: Business Library (Haas School of Business)

It might briefly transform you into a cutthroat snake, but it’s a really beautiful place to study with super comfortable chairs. Warning: you could find yourself wondering if you’re in the Haas library or the Chamber of Secrets…

No. 3: Berkeley Law Library (Boalt Hall)

While technically reserved for graduate students only, the gatekeepers will usually let you in anyways, and being surrounded by these impressive law students alongside the library itself makes you feel important and prestigious, even if you’re not.

No. 4: Jean Gray Hargrove Music Library

While sitting on the bottom floor, you can feel as if you’re studying outside because of the nice, green view and the feeling of the warm sun. However, it’s the best of both worlds, because you’re actually inside a temperate and serene room.

No. 5: C.V. Starr East Asian Library

It’s a bright, spacious and modern environment with serene vibes, good views and fun lanterns (biggest perk).

No. 6: Bancroft Library

Even though many students don’t take advantage of it, this library’s resources are incredibly interesting. With librarians and experts who have heaps of historical knowledge, it’s the perfect place to find a resource for your paper that will get you mad props.

No. 7: Environmental Design Library (Wurster Hall)

It’s convenient, clean and closes at a decent hour, and you can eat! If you ever feel the need to surround yourself with everyone in Greek life, cruise here.

No. 8: Moffitt Library

It contains nap pods, 3-D printers and a chatty, collaborative atmosphere on the fourth floor but a peaceful, serene vibe on the fifth floor.

No. 9: Anthropology Library (Kroeber Hall)

With good views and seating always available, it’s low-key and a hidden gem in the Berkeley library game.

No. 27: Main Stacks

Dark, serious, shitty. Don’t go here unless you need a place to curl up and die. 

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