What major would your dog be?

Xinyu Li/Senior Staff

Everyone loves their dogs, but it’s impossible to know everything about them. Naturally, we did some sleuthing to help you better understand your furry friend. So, we’ve taken the liberty of asking the question on everyone’s mind: What major is your dog, based on its personality?

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are affectionate, social, outgoing and alert. Their social nature obviously makes them communication majors, because they know how to get along with everyone.

Siberian husky

Siberian huskies live in cold, rough environments. Chemical engineering majors go through literal hell trying to deal with their coursework and keep their sanity. Thus, Siberian huskies are clearly Chem-E majors.


Pugs are intuitive and sensitive pups. They are receptive to the mood of their owners, making them the perfect fit to be psychology majors.


Easily provoked and fierce, Chihuahuas are the political science majors who aren’t afraid to speak their mind in class or wherever there’s a debate.


With a reputation of being headstrong, boxers are resistant to obedience training. Because boxers are stubborn and question authority, they make a perfect philosophy major.


Poodles are known for being intelligent and requiring intellectual stimulation. The intellectual component makes poodles electrical engineering and computer sciences majors.

Great Dane

Great Danes are fearful of strangers and new environments, preferring not to seek new stimuli. The introverted math major is much akin to the Great Dane.


These dogs are “genetically predisposed towards aggressive behaviour,” which seems to mirror the aggressive behavior of potential Haasholes.

Chow Chow

Chow Chows are quiet and well-behaved, much like English majors, who prefer to spend time reading and contemplating literature.


The Dalmatian is a unique and uncommon dog. Similarly, art history majors are both unique and uncommon, graduating only seven people in the major last year.  

Whether your dog’s an English major or a communications major, we hope you’ve enjoyed some more insight about your furry friend. Peace, love, Clog.

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