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Berkeley's best Asian bakeries

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SEPTEMBER 27, 2017

Whether it’s for a quick breakfast on the way to class or a delicious treat during the afternoon slump, Asian bakery breads are always the perfect solution.  There’s a huge variety to choose from, which means you’ll probably never get tired of a single kind of bread. What’s more, you’ll probably be able to get a cup of your favorite boba drink to go along with your snack or meal.  That’s why we at the Clog are here today to review some of the most popular Asian bakeries in Berkeley.
Sheng Kee Bakery
Located on Telegraph Avenue just next to Bancroft Avenue, this bakery is conveniently located right next to the UC Berkeley campus. Because of its close proximity to school, it’s definitely a popular choice for students to frequent just before heading to class. Prices are pretty reasonable, and you can get two or three breads for just under $5. However, they do have a $5 minimum for credit cards, so remember to bring cash if you’re not planning to buy much! They’ve also got a pretty great deal for drinks, as they have a “two for $5.99” promotion for their chubby cups (large-sized drinks).
85C Bakery Cafe
Located on University Avenue in Downtown Berkeley, 85C Bakery Cafe is also just close enough to campus to be a popular bakery for students to frequent. The name of the bakery is said to be what the owner thinks is the perfect temperature to serve coffee. The bakery’s a popular place for students to study, as they have a second floor with tables. The breads are also delicious, though they are more expensive than those from Sheng Kee. Another notable product at 85 Degrees is their sea salt iced coffee, a popular drink among frequent customers.
Paris Baguette
Though this bakery has a French city as its namesake, it’s not a French bakery, contrary to what you may think. As a matter of fact, Paris Baguette is a Korean bakery, with a European twist on typical Asian breads. You’ll find danishes, French breads, cakes, flan and much more. It’s located right next to the Downtown Berkeley Bart station, so it makes for a super easy pit stop to grab some goodies before embarking on a long Bart trip. This bakery is also generally higher-priced than the economical Sheng Kee bakery, but for the quality, there’s really nothing to complain about.
Ultimately, there’s no doubt of the popularity of Asian bakeries in Berkeley. The wide variety, relatively low prices and innovative flavors are truly elements found nowhere else. So stop by one of these bakeries when you find yourself craving a bite to eat — you just might find a new favorite international snack or meal!
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SEPTEMBER 26, 2017