7 deadly sins you should never commit on the 5th floor of Moffitt Library

Alice Langford/File

With midterm season already infecting our lives, we at the Clog thought that some people needed a friendly reminder about etiquette in the library, especially on the fifth floor of Moffitt Library. Everyone has probably committed each of these sins once, but we’re talking to the repeated offenders. Time to call you out, you Moffitt monsters.

Eating smelly/noisy foods

Eating is important, but there’s nothing worse than trying to work with the sound of a student loudly munching away or the smell of someone’s pungent lunch. Come on, Golden Bears. The rustling of wrappers and the crunch of chips need to stop. We’re sorry, we thought we were at the library, not in a Tasty video. There’s a time and place to eat these things, and the library’s not one of them. We mean, the least you can do is eat with your mouth closed (we’re talking to you, loud chewers).

Taking up more space than you need

Do you really need to spread all of your books across three seats? The answer is absolutely freaking not. Also, if you leave your stuff as a way to save your own seat, you’re the literal worst. We aren’t talking about going to the restroom either. We’re talking about straight-up leaving the library. Like excuse us, we think you left something — all of your belongings. Please stop.

Saving seats

During midterm and final season (which is every season, to be honest), there’s no such thing as a saved seat. It’s every sad student for themselves. Studying with friends is great; it makes the experience a little less painful. But finding a seat in the library is a blessing, so don’t be that person who hogs an entire table to save seats for their friends for almost five hours. Seriously, could you be any more rude?

Straight up talking

If you’re having a full-on conversation on the fifth floor of Moffitt, there’s an issue. Does that “This is a quiet zone” sign not mean anything to you? It’s called a “quiet zone” for a reason, you know. Are you not aware that you’re the only person talking on this floor, which was completely silent before you stepped out of the elevator literally screaming? If this is you, you need to be expelled.

Hogging the outlets

Finding a seat with an outlet is yet another miracle, except when the outlet is completely full from one person’s devices. Do you have no morals? You’re not the only person in this library who needs to charge their device. What could you possibly be charging to fill up an entire power strip? If you’re charging more than two things at once, please bring your own extension cord. Once again, just don’t be rude.

Playing music too loud

Just because you’re wearing headphones doesn’t mean that the rest of us can’t hear it. Listening to music is great, but we shouldn’t be able to make out the lyrics. We’re trying to study, not have an impromptu rager. We bet those tracks are fire, but please keep that fire to yourself (because “only you can prevent forest fires”). For the sake of those around you and your precious ear drums (seriously, though), take it down a notch. Or ten.

Hammering the keyboard

We all know that feeling when we suddenly get a brilliant idea and have to quickly type everything down — it’s the best feeling ever. The entire fifth floor  though doesn’t need or want to hear it. What did your laptop ever do to you to deserve such treatment? This isn’t whack-a-mole. Stop trying to punch a hole in your laptop.

This concludes your friendly reminder for the seven deadly sins that you should never commit on the fifth floor of Moffitt — or anywhere if you’re a decent human being for that matter. Happy midterm season, ya crazies!


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