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Berkeley-inspired names to give your dog

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2017

Do you like Berkeley? Do you like dogs? Wow! Really? What an anomaly!

I hope your answers to the above questions were actually a firm yes. If so, it means you are ready for the following information. The only surefire way to combine your two loves is to get a dog and name him/her after your favorite Berkeley spots.

Check out the following list of awesome Berkeley-inspired dog names:

  1. Kip – He seems to be somewhat nocturnal.
  2. Peet – He’s been around, but he’s still got spunk.
  3. Piedy – She enjoys long walks down frat row.
  4. Oski – Your dog looks more like an ewok, bear or bunny than an actual dog.
  5. Pappy – She loves to play fetch and tug-of-war and then eat three bowls of dog food.
  6. Dirks – He has some extra whiskers and feels safer in his dog house than with you on the couch.
  7. Channing – He’s large and in charge.
  8. Moffitt – She is a pudgy corgi, and everybody wants her.
  9. Wurster – He is pretty scruffy, but he’s all-around a good boy.
  10. Strada – She’s super sweet and cute, and she loves attention.
  11. Milano – She’s a cuddly chocolate lab.
  12. Dwinelle – He’s that lost stray you found and just kind of adopted. He pees everywhere and probably has fleas that the vet never treats, but he is still a dog, so you love him.
  13. Wheeler – He’s a newly groomed pup and pretty chill. The people come to him.
  14. Transfer Student Center – She’s a tiny dog and she barks at frat boys.

Get a pair of pups and throw a classic combo name on them like “Sproul” and “Lower Sproul” or “Li Ka Shing” and “Sweat.” You’re welcome.

There are lots of great shelters and humane societies out there, so go get yourself a new pup and give ‘em a dope name!

Contact Hailey Johnson at [email protected].

SEPTEMBER 27, 2017