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SEPTEMBER 28, 2017

As we all know, from keeping up with classes, to friends and extracurriculars, college life can get pretty hectic. Your plans to go to the RSF every other day go haywire because you have to study … or maybe because your couch is just oh so comfortable. Sometimes, all you need to get back in the groove is a fun, new workout class to go to. But, as we all also know, we college students are broke. To help you save some pennies and stay in shape, here are the Clog’s recommendations for the best free trials for workout classes!

1. Orangetheory Fitness
Address: 2475 Shattuck Ave.
Promo: Free one-hour class.
Orangetheory’s group workout classes are one hour long and focus on high-intensity interval training. Every class includes a combination of cycling, workouts on a treadmill and rowers and strength training on the floor. While all classes feature the same equipment and basic exercises, you can sign up for an endurance-, strength- or power-focused session, based on your preferences. To get your free class, simply show up to the center or call ahead of time, and you’ll be good to go.

2. Pure Barre
Address: 2055 Center St., Suite C
Promo: First week of classes free to local residents. You must provide a valid ID with proof of local residency when you check in.
Each Pure Barre class is 55 minutes long and focuses on low-impact strengthening and stretching exercises. Classes start with a warm-up, progress to standing with light weights to tone arms and using the barre to work your thighs and glutes, and then end with a cool-down after an ab workout.

3. CorePower Yoga
Address: 2295 Shattuck Ave.
Promo: Free first week of classes
CorePower Yoga offers a plethora of unique classes catered to different levels. Yoga students can choose from Yoga 1-3, Yoga Sculpt, CoreCardio Circuit, Hot Power Fusion, Hot Yoga or CoreRestore. Whether you’re looking to fix your posture, practice breathing, build muscle and strength, gain cardiovascular endurance, increase flexibility and balance or alleviate soreness, CorePower has a class for you.

4. CycleBar
Address: 1929 University Ave.
Promo: Free 30-minute class
CycleBar offers a number of intense classes perfect for people looking for a mix of strength, endurance, challenges, hills and drills. Plus, every ride includes CycleBeats, a unique pedal-turning, motivating playlist, and CycleStats, a program that keeps track of your personal fitness journey.

So whether you’re still finding your feet in the gym, can’t afford any boutique fitness classes or just want a more well-rounded fitness profile, these group classes are perfect because they’re energetic, motivating and effective.

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2017