Finding your calling during your college life crisis

Linyan Tan/Staff

It’s that time in life when we are all seriously considering what the future holds. I mean, college is great and all, but what comes next?

Stressing out about midterms and money is already rough without adding questions about the future such as, “Will I get into Haas?”, “Will I get a job after graduation?”, “What kind of dog will I have?” and the big one to sum it all up: “What am I supposed to do with my life?”

Luckily, all you have to do to answer the big question of what you’re supposed to do, is to figure out your calling and that’s super simple, right?

If you’re having trouble discovering your inner most passion, you’re in luck because we have some great advice for you. First, we’re going to save you some time and tell you right now, if you like to dance, become a stripper. That being said, if you are less coordinated than the average dancer, there are some other options you might consider.

To get into the right headspace for epiphanies and life altering decisions, try anything from the following list.

  1. Take a majestic stroll through Strawberry Creek alone at night.
  2. Spend too much time ordering drinks at Jupiter.
  3. Stare into a dog’s eyes until you speak their language and they can tell you the meaning of life.
  4. Binge watch “Mad Men.”
  5. Double check that you shouldn’t be a singer by belting out Adele when your roommate goes to bed. If you’re good, they’ll love it. If you’re bad, they’ll probably move out. Win, win.

If free will isn’t really your thing there are some shortcuts you might consider in addition to the exotic dancer advice:

  1. Did you do theater in high school? You’re the next Chris Pine.
  2. Did the “The Wolf of Wall Street” inspire you to move to NYC? Stockbroker.
  3. Do you have a killer Instagram? Director of social media.
  4. Do you walk up Bancroft Way to Piedmont Avenue every day? Olympian.
  5. Do you enjoy talking to strangers who usually don’t want to talk to you? Greenpeace Volunteer.
  6. Do you like free stuff? Become Danny Ocean.
  7. You’re ready? Fry cook.
  8. You’re a loud person who lead a semi-interesting life? Reality TV star.
  9. You eat out a lot? Food critic.
  10. You wrote your final eight-page paper in four hours? Editor in chief of the New York Times.

Moral of the story: you can be whatever you want to be.

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