It’s Friday, we’re in love (and should not be in class)

Jamin Kim-Sanders/File

We don’t care if Monday’s blue. Tuesday’s gray and Wednesday’s too. Thursday, we don’t care about you. It’s Friday we’re in love. The Cure knew what they were talking about when they sang about the wonders of Friday. As we sit in our dreary classes on one of the best days of the week, we consider all of the many other places we would rather be.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have had to leave our bed this morning. Instead, we’d have spent the whole day under the covers to take intermittent naps until dinner time, leaving the sanctuary only for the occasional snack. Is there anything else that sounds more epic?

Lest you think we’re close-minded in our preferred Friday activities, we’ll have you know that there are plenty of other places at which we would be perfectly happy to lounge around at. The beach, poolside, one of those weird alien space nap pods in Moffitt Library. These are all locations where we’d rather be than in our class on a Friday.

Just to spice it up, we’d even be willing to do a few physical activities as we draw near to the weekend. For instance, we’d be totally okay with standing on the side of Durant Avenue and chowing down on four franks from Top Dog. We’d start easy with a smoked chicken apple, step it up with a couple of kielbasas and finish strong with a mango habanero. The satisfying crunch of that warm bread roll bun kicks our Friday discussion’s ass any day of the week.

We shouldn’t even have gone to class in the first place. Attendance in Friday classes is in clear violation of our resolution to be more prepared this school year. Sitting in class is in direct opposition to our self-improvement plans. Proper preparation for the weekend would entail dodging all of our responsibilities and poorly managing our time (since that’s what we do every Saturday and Sunday). Last time we checked, attending classes was both the responsible thing to do as well as the proper use of our time.

In case we’re not fully conveying just how little desire we have to sit in class, just know that we’d rather do laundry than sit through a lecture when the weekend is so close that we can taste it. Heck, we’d do our laundry, take out the trash and clean the kitchen sink if it meant we could skip this torture.

In conclusion, the list of where would rather be than in class on a Friday is actually pretty short: literally anywhere else.

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