Scoop, there it is: Best Halo Top ice cream flavors to indulge in

Omil Xia/File

Say hey-lo to Halo Top ice cream! This trendy brand of low-calorie goodness has been making a strong presence in grocery stores and social media. With 240-360 calories per pint (that’s right, we said per pint), Halo Top offers guilt free options to your favorite sweet indulgences that are low calorie, high-protein and low sugar. What’s not to love?

Below you’ll find the inside scoop on the 10 best Halo Top ice cream flavors. Grab a spoon, and let’s dig in!

No. 10: S’mores

Sprinkled with chocolate and graham crackers, Halo Top takes a healthy spin on our campfire favorite. Obviously it’s not an actual s’mores, but it’s close enough.

No. 9: Cookies and cream

You know breakfast cereal milk? This flavor is just that, but in ice cream form. This pint packs the perfect blend of cookie crumbs and vanilla ice cream for that chocolaty vanilla combination that has won the hearts of many. 

No. 8: Vanilla bean

This isn’t your plain old vanilla. This is vanilla bean. It’s different. Smooth and creamy without being overly sweet, Halo Top’s vanilla bean is the perfect low calorie option instead of the traditional vanilla ice creams. Don’t sleep on this one. 

No. 7: Sea salt caramel

This one tastes like melted Werther’s Originals. It’s definitely on the sweeter side but that doesn’t stop it from being a favorite among many. Each spoonful is loaded with the perfect sweet and salty caramel flavor. If you don’t believe us, try a pint out for yourself.

No. 6: Caramel macchiato

This literally tastes like a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato. So if you’re into that, this one’s for you. Get your basic bitch on and grab a pint.

No. 5: Peanut butter cup

Four words: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. If you like peanut butter, you’ll love this flavor. To be honest, anything chocolate and peanut butter tastes pretty good. Try naming a better duo. We dare you.

No. 4: Mint chip

Nothing’s worst than eating mint ice cream and feeling like you just gargled with Listerine. This flavor has the refreshing taste of mint without being too overpowering. The little bits of chocolate chips add a sweet touch — although we wish there were more of them, it wouldn’t be low calorie anymore, would it. (Pro-tip: toss in a bunch of chocolate chips if you need more. You’re welcome.)

No.3: Red velvet

Let’s be honest, red velvet is literally just chocolate cake but red (it’s still good, though). The brownie bits add a little extra sweetness and texture to this otherwise rich and creamy treat. Halo Top’s red velvet ice cream will truly not disappoint.

No. 2: Chocolate chip cookie dough

This one’s no joke — it’s really just that good. Sweet and creamy vanilla ice cream with chunks of chewy chocolate chip cookie dough make the perfect combination to fulfill your craving. (Again, we wish there were more but that defeats the whole low calorie thing). You’ll forget that it’s only 360 calories so go ahead and take another bite. It won’t hurt.

No. 1: Oatmeal cookie

Who said oatmeal cookies were for grandmas? Oatmeal cookies have to be the most underrated cookies of all time. With bits of chewy oats and the perfect amount of cinnamon, this one’s the real winner. Whether or not you love oatmeal cookies, you’ll enjoy this cinnamony treat. No doubt.

So go ahead, eat away your midterm stress with a pint (or two) of Halo Top. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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