Things UC Berkeley has lied to us about

Franchesca Spektor/File

Despite all the anticipation and media coverage surrounding ‘Free Speech Week’, it ultimately didn’t happen. But that’s not the only time we’ve been mislead. This short history of deception proves that UC Berkeley has been letting us down for a while now.

CalCentral updates

For the most part, CalCentral updates have done nothing to make the site more navigable or user friendly. Additionally, one of the most crucial aspects of CalCentral, class enrollment, is still a mess.

4.0 Hill

Anyone who gets a 4.0 doesn’t have time to roll down a hill and isn’t nearly desperate enough. There is nothing special about this hill aside from it being a nice area.

Caltopia being fun

It’s advertised as “the largest college lifestyle event in the nation,” whatever that means. It’s actually just a place to get a free water bottle and free pizza if you want to stand in line for 30 minutes.

Triples being spacious enough for three people

When a room originally intended to house two people is converted into a room for three people, it shouldn’t be called a triple. It should be called a double for three, because that’s what it is.

Construction deadlines

At UC Berkeley, the actual amount of time buildings are under construction is rarely close to the estimated time.

(510) 664-9181

That is the phone number for the financial aid office. There is substantial evidence that this phone does not actually exist.

Dinosaur bones in the Campanile?

They never let anyone in there, so how can we really know for sure?

If you felt deceived by this week’s cancellation of “Free Speech Week,” at least find consolation in the fact that it’s nothing new. Next time, the disappointment will sting less if you don’t get your hopes up in the first place.

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