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Look forward, back and around the Bay Area with us in this week’s issue of the Weekender.

Staff writer Grace Vogel spotlights the Bay Area Mural Festival, taking place Oct. 2-8, which aims to combat gentrification in the Bay Area through public art. And staff writer Danielle Miller delves into the backgrounds of female politicians in the Bay Area to contemplate their futures.

Then dive into the minds of our staff writers Raina Yang, who ruminates on loss in her piece, and Ru-Ping Chen, who takes us on a trip down memory lane brought upon by the rustlings of an upstairs neighbor.

With staff writer Paul Martin Martin, zoom back out to look at Berkeley’s culture of minimalism, namely all the things Berkeley citizens throw out.

Finally, take a look at the art we’re producing here at The Daily Californian: Weekender staff writer Sean Tseng writes a poem about endings, and illustrators from the Design department provide a glimpse of the art in their journals just in time for Inktober.

— Ericka Shin and Gibson Chu

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