‘But do you remember it?’

Alvaro Azcarraga/Staff

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The following conversation is loosely based on the author’s experience.

1. “hey what’s up”

2. “o aha not much wbu”

1. “Same”

2. “Nice lol”

1. “hey remember that one sign in Unit 3 last year? The one about the recycling or something”

2. “Yea”

1. “But do you remember it?”

2. “I mean yea what about it”

1. “No i mean like it was like ‘your purchas matters’ and we all like made fun of it like all the time because it spelled ‘purchase’ wrong”

2. “LMAO THAT WAS SO FUNNY every single time i walked by that i said it in this rly weird voice and it was super lit and lowkey thats the only reason that i have friends from the unit”

1. “Yea but did did you ever stop and think about what it meant to ridicule someone like that”

2. “Sounds like a dumb segue into some pseudo-intellectual rumination but OK”

1. “OK but hear me out: I get that we’re copy editors and all, but why do we have to be like that when we see anything spelled incorrectly?”

2. “Bc making fun of people is lit”

1. “IMIG but like do derision and humiliation really change anything?”

2. “Bro i’m not tryna change the world lmao”

1. “I’m not saying we have to; but i think we can agree that, even if we’re not out to spread the gospel of grammar, we’re at least trying to engender some amount of general appreciation, right? I mean that’s why we have that blog right”

2. “lol OK yeah”

1. “So if we’re in the spirit of trying to raise awareness and appreciation, are we really going to do that by making fun of people? That’s just not palatable, I think. Like if you’re trying to teach someone grammar, you’re not going to make fun of them for spelling ‘your’ as ‘yor,’ right?”

2. “Yeah but that’s hella dumb lmao”

1. “I mean, you see what I’m saying, right? I don’t think we’re going to further our cause and express to the world what we care about by just being derisive toward stuff that we view as bad”

2. “OK yeah but on the other hand, humor is humor, and i think that’s a valid vehicle for the transmission of our message — if i even accept that we have one”

1. “OK”

2. “?”

1. “Yea”

2. “Lmao why are you salty”

1. “I’m not. i just think that publicly making fun of other people’s grammatical mistakes is a bit much”

2. “Bro we aren’t flaming them or anything, we’re just making light fun”

1. “Yeah but think about any grammatical mistake you’ve made — you mull it over for at least a few days, easily”

2. “I kind of see that, but the thing is, it sucks more for you and me because it’s our job to be impeccable”

1. “Yeah but are you going to rly speak on behalf of the emotions of others? Relativism of suffering, my man”

2. “Boi stop talking about philosophy like u know anything before u make a fool of yourself!!”

1. “Yeah that’s fair”

2. “Hey also did you see that AP Stylebook post on Facebook about ‘mandoline’ versus ‘mandolin’ lmao”

1. “Yea lol that was good”

Arjun Savel is the night editor. Contact him at [email protected]