Top ways to celebrate Mean Girls Day

Erica Lee/File

Happy Oct. 3rd, everybody! For those of y’all that aren’t familiar with this historically important date (and if you aren’t, you probably don’t even go here), it’s the day that Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron what day it was, and she answered “It’s October 3rd,” in the movie “Mean Girls.” It was quite the milestone in their relationship and is now celebrated every year. This classic teenage movie really has stood the test of time.

If you feel so inclined to celebrate this holiday, there are countless ways to do so. Start by rewatching the movie. Following that action, you can wear pink or save your pink for the day after October 3rd, since everybody knows that “on Wednesdays, we wear pink.” You could also pick up your best friends in your Lexus convertible and demand that they come shopping with you. You can give your mom a call and recognize that you have a pretty cool mom — however extra she may be. The possibilities are truly endless!

Whether you rewatch this movie or just reflect on your glam teen-bopping years, it truly has the power to inspire. It can inspire people to be bold and go after their crush, as Cady went after Aaron. Gretchen Weiners can inspire you to realize your own worth, as she realizes how popular she is and how jealous others are of her. It can inspire you to intervene in an unfortunate or illegal situation, such as when Principal Duvall reprimands Coach Carr for his inappropriate relations with his students. If all of that isn’t inspiration, I’m not sure what is.

Perhaps and most importantly, this movie can provide us with incredibly wonderful ideas for Halloween costumes. Whether you want to dress like the Plastics (and be a mouse, duh) or go for the genuinely terrifying costume like Cady did, there are ideas abound.

However  you celebrate, make sure you have a fetch and grool day, and most importantly — you go, Glen Coco!

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