Exploring at the Treasure Island Flea Market

Annie Hatton/Staff

Taking place during the last weekend of every month, the Treasure Island Flea Market has been one of the undiscovered secrets to those new to the Bay Area — until now. Treasure Island, and this flea market, mark a halfway point between East Bay and San Francisco. Because of this prime location,  the flea marketers experience killer views of both Berkeley and the San Francisco cityscape — and you’re also right on the water. While it’s only a 15-minute Uber ride (and a cheap one, if you use Uber Pool), it feels as if you’re a world away from Berkeley and, instead, in a very bougie, adult world.

It really does have something for everyone — food trucks, hundreds of wonderful people (many of whom bring their dogs),  thrifting, art, photography (whether you like looking at it or taking your own) and more. This flea market was originally started with the purpose to support local artists and entrepreneurs and continues that mission today. If you’ve never been to a flea market before, this is a great one to start with, but if you’re a flea market pro, you will still be amazed with all of the vendors and the overall vibe.


Annie Hatton / Staff

Every vendor had something special to bring to the table. There was a booth with hundreds of Levi denim jackets, all for under $30. There was a woman selling jewelry who will undoubtedly talk to you for at least half an hour and feature you on her Instagram if you purchase something — or maybe even if you don’t and she just particularly likes you. There was a man who had just started a company selling water bottles and kitchen items solely made from steel and glass, as he was particularly passionate about the contamination plastic causes. There were at least 15 booths with succulents; even if you’re not their biggest fan, it’s simply a fact that they’re aesthetically pleasing. Most importantly, they had at least 20 different food trucks with food from all around the world — some of the highlights include crab cake sandwiches, pho, burritos and the best lattes of your life.

Whether you have an hour or two free, or the entire day, the trip out to Treasure Island is the perfect way to spend your weekend and an ideal mini-getaway from Berkeley. Home to $5 jeans, countless pets, hanging succulents and killer sangria, what more could anyone really ask for? Not a bad way to spend your day!

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