Non-caffeinated ways to wake yourself up in the morning

Winky Wong/File
As the midterm season drags on, it becomes ever more imperative to wake up effectively in the mornings, whether to take an exam at 8 a.m. or squeeze in an early morning cram session. Yet in our already majorly sleep-deprived states, it’s definitely difficult to keep those heavy, droopy eyelids open during the wee morning hours. What’s worse is that two cups of coffee isn’t even enough to alert ourselves anymore, because our bodies have already gotten accustomed to the constant flow of caffeine through our systems. That’s why we at the Clog are sharing some creative ways to wake yourself up — without coffee!
1. Place cucumber slices over your eyes.
This tip is surprisingly effective. The coolness of the cucumber will magically relieve the heaviness on your exhausted eyelids and replace it with a revitalizing sensation. What’s more, you’ll also feel like you’re treating yourself to a quick mini-facial session!
2. Drink some apple cider vinegar.
This might sound disgusting to some, but it’s actually effective for getting your metabolism going in the mornings. It’ll help your digestive system get an early head start to the day, and the bitter, pungent vinegar flavor is sure to shock awake your senses. Note: make sure you drink the vinegar with water.
3. Take a cold shower.
There’s nothing like a quick shower in cold water to shock your senses to life. After a cold shower in the morning, you’re bound to feel invigorated and alive for whatever will come your way for the day.
4. Go for an early morning run.
Get your blood pumping and flowing throughout your body with some exercise. Not only will this improve your overall fitness levels in the long run, it’ll also help energize you for the rest of the day. The endorphins released from the exercise will also help to relieve some of that pent-up stress.
5. Listen to some upbeat music.
Music can definitely change the tone of the day. You may wake up feeling groggy and listless, but with the right tunes, you’ll be bobbing your head to the beat like you’ve been awake for hours already.
We believe in you, Bears!

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