Trump tweets that apply to being at UC Berkeley

Franchesca Spektor/File

Trump can tweet almost anything he wants, but he often chooses to insult people and shamelessly promote himself. While this isn’t good for the country, it’s entertaining and somewhat relatable to aspects of life at UC Berkeley. How, you ask? Let’s find out.

In under 30 words, Trump captures how every student feels when they do well on a midterm everyone else failed: “Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest — and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure, it’s not your fault.”

When he describes “blocking out some of the repetitive and boring (& dumb) haters and losers. They are a waste of time and energy,” it parallels our own thought processes when we unfriend our most annoying Facebook friends.

Trump perfectly captures the moment when you get your score back for an assignment, and you’re in denial about how bad you did, when he tweeted, “the Fake News media is officially out of control.”

When your professor says “you can’t do this all in one night” or “if you procrastinate it’s not going to turn out well,” Trump gives us the warm advice that “when somebody challenges you unfairly, fight back — be brutal, be tough — don’t take it. It is always important to WIN!”

When you’re too miserable cramming to fully grasp the level of your life dissatisfaction: “@Fartlesburg: @realDonaldTrump Do you ever get sad?” I don’t have the time!

Repeat Trump’s following mantra when you try to motivate yourself to study in Moffitt until 2 a.m.: “I have never met a successful person that was a quitter. Successful people never, ever, give up!”

If you need to convince everyone that you’re mentally stable, just remember: “It makes me feel so good to hit “sleazebags” back — much better than seeing a psychiatrist (which I never have!)”

Twitter has given Donald Trump a mouthpiece that he probably shouldn’t have (even if it makes for good entertainment). At least there are some sentiments we can relate to, even if his tweets continue to embarrass and vex the nation. Peace, love, Clog.

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