Alternative ways to stay awake for an all-nighter

Lianne Frick/File

Sleep is one of the many sacrifices students make, and not getting any has become a regular part of the typical student lifestyle. Caffeine-fueled study sessions have become the method of choice for students looking to stay awake and cram. There are, however, plenty of other ways to keep your eyes open that won’t make you feel wired and jittery.

A bright light

It might be harder to study with a light shining in your face, but it’s certainly better than no studying at all. Around 1000 lumens should do the trick.

A cold shower

Shocking your senses with an ice cold shower is sure to bring you back from the edge of sleep. The only obstacle is avoiding the urge to turn up the temperature, which might lull you back toward sleep.

Smelling salts

If NHL players use them before games to get fired-up, students can use them before midterms to stay up. A small packet of pungent salt can give you the extra boost you need to carry you across the finish line.

A spider friend

Most people are afraid of spiders, especially the large, scary ones. This technique involves you purchasing the most frightening spider you can find, then setting it loose in your room. As long as the spider can move freely around the room, you should have no problems staying awake.

A cherished, valuable possession

This strategy requires you to be in a public space with a valuable item that you hold dear. Place the object in front of you, but out in the open. Now falling asleep means that someone might steal one of your most treasured possessions.

A pep talk from Vin Diesel

Sometimes, all we need is the motivation to keep going. This video of Vin Diesel’s inspiring words is impossible to watch without feeling driven to accomplish your goals. If anyone can push you to go the extra mile, it’s this ripped white dude.

“Fraggle Rock” 

“Dance your cares away / Worry’s for another day.” Not only does the “Fraggle Rock” theme song contain comforting lyrics, it’s upbeat and annoying enough to never allow you to sleep if you listen to it loudly and on repeat. The only downside is that if you listen to it for too long, you may feel your sanity begin to slip away.

If coffee or energy drinks make you feel restless and anxious, there are plenty of other options that can help you study into the early morning hours. Of course, you could just not wait until the last minute to study, but as we all know, that’s an unrealistic expectation.

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