Cold brew, it’s a state of bean: best bottled cold brew

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Ice(d) ice(d) coffee.

It’s that time of the year again and no, we aren’t talking about Halloween. It’s iced coffee season (which is every season). Rain or shine, there’s nothing like a nice cup (or two) of iced coffee. The perfect beverage to accompany practically everything, coffee is a staple in many people’s daily routine, although more in some than others.

Yet with our busy schedules, sometimes it’s difficult to make time to get that perfect pick me up. Coffee shop lines get a little too long at times, and due to your lack of caffeine, you just can’t wait in that questionably long line. (We all know it’s probably not that long. You just don’t want to wait. But neither do we.)

A great alternative that saves you a little time and money is store-bought cold brew coffee. Less acidic than traditional coffee, this trendy brew is bolder in flavor and higher in caffeine due to its lengthy process — it’s made without heat and steeped for 12-24 hours.

You’ve probably seen the intimidating collection that sits in the aisles of your local grocery store and have wondered which one’s the best. Because we care so deeply about your time and money, we at the Clog have come up with a comprehensive list of our go-to bottled cold brews. 

Jittery John’s New Orleans Cold Brew

This slim bottle is packed with smooth chicory goodness. It’s not as strong as others but it’ll definitely do the job.

Stumptown Nitro Cold Brew

Coffee in a can is pretty cool. Stumptown coffee is the OG of cold brew and offers many variations of this drink. This nitrogen infused brew is smooth, smoky and bold with flavor. If you prefer your coffee black, this one’s for you.

Blue Bottle New Orleans Cold Brew

Flavored with organic whole milk and cane sugar, Blue Bottle offers the perfect blend with sweet and chicory. Although not technically bottled, this boxed beverage is a Bay Area favorite.

Chameleon Cold Brew Mocha

With a hint of chocolate, this one’s smooth and flavorful but not as strong as the others. This will give you a nice and slow caffeine kick. Chameleon also offers a variety of flavored cold brews such as vanilla and espresso.

Grady’s New Orleans Style Cold Brew

This bottle of coffee concentrate makes enough for four cups of coffee. A full bodied brew, this one’s perfectly good on its own or with a splash of milk. Before you put it in your fridge, be sure to write your name on this bottle. Your housemates are definitely going to want to take a sip of this one. This shit is just that good.

So come and hop on the cold brew bandwagon, there’s enough room for you and your coffee addict friends.

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