How to decorate for October

Illustration of a view outside the windowsill of a home, supporting a pumpkin and showing a tree of orange leaves.
William Bennett/Staff

It’s the first week of October, meaning we’ve already celebrated “Mean Girls” day and now it’s basically already Halloween. Other then watching countless Halloween movies, what better way to celebrate October and get into the spirit of things than to deck out your room in spooky decor? Cruise the Dollar Tree, Party Haven, 99cent store (or whatever your decor store of choice is) to pick up a few must-haves.

Firstly, don’t be stingy on the pumpkins and squash. There is no better way to ring in the season of fall and the spirit of halloween than with a few members of the cucurbits family chillin’ on your coffee table. Plus, by decorating ahead of time you already have pumpkins ready to be carved into jack-‘o-lanterns which, rumor has it, keep the spirit of “f**kbois past” away from your safe home.

Secondly, get yourself some double-sided window stickers. There are creepy ones you can get to scare your roommate after their alarm wakes you up for the 40th time and there are these really cool ones of dogs in costumes. Clearly, those will bring joy to everyone. I really don’t know what else you could want!

Other than pumpkins and stickers, you could get crafty and cut out some pumpkin shaped orange paper and douse your room in black. Or, you could:

  1. Cut Halloween shapes out of paper lunch bags and put a fake candle in it for a DIY lantern.
  2. Draw little ghost faces on a white sheet and hang it up with a balloon underneath for your own friendly ghost.
  3. Paint some Mason jars orange and white to look like candy corn.
  4. Wrap white streamers all over your door and make some big eyes to tape on top. It’ll look like a big ‘ol ghost.
  5. Go simple and cut “Happy Halloween” out of orange construction paper to hang on your wall or door.

Alternatively, you could just make sure to constantly have teeth rotting candy out and never turn off your Halloween playlist. If we may, we’d like to recommend the soundtrack to “The Exorcist.” It’s truly unsettling and perfect for the mood you want to set. If all else fails, at least no one will come over to bother you while you’re studying for midterms.

Happy decorating!

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