Stages of game day withdrawal

Lianne Frick/File

It’s game day season, y’all. And after three weekends packed with cheer skirts and tiki shirts, “O$KI” lip tattoos and Insta feeds of solely Delta Chi’s backyard, a lull has arrived. But the real question is, how will UC Berkeley students survive?

Stage 1: Denial

Spotted: Despite a return to normalcy, students continue to wear Cal Gear constantly. This includes, but isn’t limited to, blue and yellow morph suits, clout sunglasses and far too many Hype & Vice tube tops. Suddenly, UC Berkeley hoodies and Birkenstocks are left behind for a new and improved school uniform.

Stage 2: Anger

Frats continue to display their witty banners that often hit too close to home for the insecurities of rival schools. U$C kids are spoiled! And all Ole Miss students are related! Got ’em! You’d think that not much could liven up SAE’s front yard more than two massive lions, but these banners really fit the aesthetic.

Stage 3: Bargaining

Instead of backyard tables and Artichoke’s at 3 p.m., we attend backyard barbecues. I guess I can settle for plates and real food? But if I don’t pass out on a couch for four hours in the middle of the day and wake up with the sun already set, what am I doing? Or maybe, you randomly decided to bail on life and drive up to Oregon to show those Ducks what’s up. But I’m all about convenience, so I’d prefer to walk outside and rally than drive all day for it. But really, it’s fine. I’m fine.

Stage 4: Depression

In Moffitt you notice students scrolling past old Snapchat stories and Instagram photos from last weekend. As they attempt to watch 12 webcast lectures in one day, with Red Bull in hand, you notice a single tear start to form. Maybe a TBT will make it to the feed. Who’s to say really. RIP game days.

Stage 5: Acceptance

It’s okay, fam. If this is you, don’t worry. It’s me too. But I promise, soon (Oct.13 vs. the Washington State Cougars.) all Cal students will be able to unite over yet another weekend of forgotten homework, school spirit and lit times.

Here at the Clog, we are always down for some UC Berkeley school spirit! So whether that’s a 6 a.m. wake-up call, full-body flash tattoos and stickers or a full mask of blue and yellow face paint, we can always come together on one thing: Go Cal and go Bears!

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