Best places on campus to jump into a pile of leaves

Michael Drummond/File

Fall is finally upon us, and that can only mean one thing — falling leaves! And, with the falling leaves comes piles upon piles of them just waiting to be jumped into. Sure, UC Berkeley may not get the typical, picturesque East Coast scene of bright red leaves covering the ground as far as the eye can see, but we still get just enough to verify that seasons really do change. While leaves don’t magically fall into perfect piles for you, there are surely plenty of piles on campus for you to jump into and destress after your midterms. Here’s a rundown of our favorites here at the Clog.

Hearst Mining Circle

Fall at the Hearst Mining Circle is no joke. If you’re searching for a spot to jump in a pile of leaves with an East Coast fall vibe, look no further than the grassy area around the Mining Circle pool for your next dive. There are so many leaves ready and available for your pile that you might as well be swimming in them. Oh, and they’re usually a pretty yellow-orange — the perfect color for snapping a quality photo of you (gasp) actually enjoying yourself during midterm season.

4.0 Hill 

This is a fun one, because you can essentially kill two birds with one stone. Grab your rake and be sure to station your heap at the very top of 4.0 Hill. Then, get in a ready stance and leap into the pile with as much force as you can, propelling yourself down the slope. Congratulations, you’ve now just completed the essential fall task of jumping into a pile of leaves as well as saving your GPA by rolling down 4.0 Hill.

Grassy slope in front of Mulford Hall

A slightly enclosed, hidden gem, the grassy slope right in front of Mulford Hall is the perfect place for all you shy leaf-pile-jumpers out there. There are plenty of trees and therefore plenty of leaves to choose from. As a result, this space is a wonderful place if you’d rather practice if you’re looking to go all out without others seeing you partake in this childlike activity.

Memorial Glade

Nearly opposite of the situation at the grassy slope in front of Mulford Hall, Memorial Glade is possibly one of the most public spaces for springing into a stack of leaves. If you’re hoping to make people envy your courage and simple love for autumn, then look no further than this spot. Be warned: the trees are a little small, so there may not be enough leaves for you to create a mountain large enough that will truly evoke jealously in those around you. If this is the case, take a trash bag and collect some leaves from these other places listed and add them to your obnoxious mass for an optimal leaf-diving experience.

Sproul Plaza

Listen up, folks. This one isn’t for the faint of heart, because if you want to get more public (and far more dangerous) than the Glade, then Sproul Plaza is the place for you. Be sure to gather as many leaves from the row of trees lining Sproul to give yourself a slight padding for when you land on the hard concrete. Then, take them to either the center of Sproul or the steps directly in front of Sproul Hall and put on a display for all to see. Or, if you’re feeling really ambitious, gather as many leaves as possible and create a communal jumping space for everyone passing by.

Grinnell Natural Area

If regular, run-of-the-mill leaves aren’t your thing, head to the west edge of campus where you’ll find Grinnell Natural Area, right behind Eucalyptus Grove. Here, collect the falling needles and leaves of redwood trees, Monterey pines and coast live oak trees for a unique mass of leaves and other things. Be sure to watch out for squirrels hiding in your pile before you take your leap of faith!

Which spot will you choose? Take your pick and relieve yourself of that midterm season stress!

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