Best Spotify playlists based on only their titles

Ciecie Chen/Staff

There’s no doubt we’ve all gotten tired of the playlists we’ve made (even though it took weeks of careful thought and selection), and it’s way too much work to make another one. The next best thing though is to look to others for inspiration, and who better to look to than the Clog? While all of these playlists have been selected because of their witty and interesting names, the song choices for all of them are impeccable as well. Here are the Clog’s top recommendations to spice up your music life.

Songs That Get Drunk White Girls Excited

This is the most accurate playlist ever made. That’s all.


Men Singing in Tight Pants

With some of the funkiest and freshest classics, this playlist makes you wish you were on stage singing in the tightest pants — leather, nonetheless. This complication features artists like Prince, Frankie Valli and Justin Timberlake.

Indie Songs for Slackers

If you’re at Caffe Strada pretending to do work (but actually just taking Buzzfeed quizzes or watching the Raiders game), you’re definitely a slacker. What better way to celebrate your slacker-ness than with a killer playlist filled with chill vibes to reinforce said behavior. And just a comforting reminder — we’re all slackers occasionally (some more than others).


Hipster Halloween

It’s October, which means Halloween is right around the corner. A Halloween playlist is essential for this time of year — one that contains more than just “Monster Mash.” This playlist houses tons of low-key Halloween themed songs, from artists old and new. If that’s not enough incentive, you’ll also become more hipster if you listen to it. It’s a win-win!

Intense Studying

Are you ready for a super intense playlist that will get you hyped to study the whole night? Well folks, this isn’t the one for you. Solely containing lovely classical music, perhaps the creator has a different idea of what intense is than the rest of us. However, it’s still a great study playlist!


Rage Quit

This playlist is literally meant for when you rage quit during a video game, like when you keep dying in “Overwatch” and you just can’t take it anymore. It could also pump you up if you’re thriving and making others want to rage quit — not just in gaming, but in any aspect of life really. In this playlist, there’s a solid mix of heavy metal, rock and alternative. With bangers like “Last Resort” by Papa Roach, you know you’re about to get hyped.

If someone asks what you’re listening to, any of these playlists provide an opportunity for you to make someone laugh or think that you’re super cool because of your impeccable taste. Just make sure to give the Clog credit, even if it’s just in your head. Happy listening!

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