The ultimate game day starter pack: Basic edition

Crystal Zhong/File

Game days are amongst the most beloved days of the entire year. Now that the team is back from a few away games, it’s time to relate to (and slightly judge) our fellow Golden Bears’ basic game-day lifestyles and fashion statements.

Blue & yellow striped overalls (with one strap undone and a crop top underneath)

Two years ago, these overalls were the laughingstock of the world. This year though, UC Berkeley students everywhere have purchased them in masses and made them the quintessential game day outfit. The one strap and the crop top underneath adds a little hint of scandal as well — in the best way, of course.

Listening to “Broccoli,” “I’m the One,” “iSpy,” etc.

These are just some of the instant classics in which every game day-er will scream out to in delight upon the first few beats. Then, they will sing along to all of the words, whether they know them or not. These are some bangers for sure.

Fanny packs and bucket huts

Although your dad probably rocks both of these items, this combo is definitely the move for a game day, especially if they are Cal-themed (which they better be). PSA: Fanny packs are perfect for holding a flask (any day of the week too, if ya know what I mean).

Flash tattoos

Glittery, gold tattoos are the epitome of basic game days. While very cute for those several hours you’re partying it up, they’ll also continue to sparkle for at least another week afterwards.

Pretending to sing along to the words of the Cal fight song

To be fair, not many of us truly know the words to this song. The majority of the people that do, though, are in Rally Committee — and they let the whole world know that they have memorizes it forwards and backwards. So maybe pretending is better.

Not making it to the game

Why were there so many parties today? Oh that’s right, there’s a football game happening while all of the truly basic game day-ers are about to take a fat nap. If you really did game day right, you won’t be able to make it to the game.

If you consider yourself to be a basic game day-er, please make sure to meet all of the requirements above. Happy football season, fam!

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